Simple tips can save you from meeting with cybercriminals:

Do not disclose your personal data to third parties if their reliability is not confirmed. For example, when filling in passport data when buying a ticket, make sure that you enter the data on the official website of the airline.

Do not store passwords from your email mailboxes in a prominent place.

When creating a password, follow the rules of the security policy and come up with complex combinations. Do not use your date of birth, pet name or a combination of numbers from 0 to 9 as a password. Periodically change the password to a new one.

Set up two-factor authentication.

Do not open emails, do not follow links, and do not download files from unknown and unverified addresses.

Try not to log into your personal accounts from other devices. And if you do come in, don’t forget to get out of them.

Do not leave your computer or phone unlocked in public places.


Do not use the same password for multiple sites.

Do not share your passwords with third parties, even if they are presented by employees of official services.

Do not go to questionable sites and do not download files from unverified sources.

Create strong passwords consisting of special characters, numbers, capital letters, for example, using special generators.