What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is harassment in the digital space, that is, on the Internet. These can be insults and malicious jokes in messages or in comments, the publication of personal information (for example, your address, phone number, intimate photos), threatening posts.

What are the types of cyberbullying

There are quite a lot of forms of online bullying, but here are examples of the main ones:

Boycott — ignoring the victim in social networks or cutting off communication with her. Example: classmates have removed a child from the class chat, he becomes disconnected from news, joint plans, events.

Harassment is when the aggressor regularly threatens the victim on the Internet, asks unpleasant, personal questions or blackmails. Example: a guy who was refused an acquaintance writes to a girl on different platforms that he knows her address, will come to her and still force her to communicate with him.

Trolling is ridiculing with insults. Example: teenagers made an offensive meme out of an unsuccessful photo of a friend.

Outing is the publication of personal information without the permission of its owner. Example: you quarreled with a friend, and he posted your phone number with a request to throw insults at you.

Dissing is also the publication of personal information, but one that can harm the reputation of the victim or destroy it. Example: a guy posts intimate photos of an ex-girlfriend for revenge.