What is cyberbullying?

Harassment on the Internet can be completely different. There are several important definitions that will help you understand the categories of online violence. If “bullying” is a manifestation of physical or psychological violence against others in general, then “cyberbullying” is the same violence, only in the digital space.

It is important to remember that cyberbullying is rather a general definition for different types of harassment on the Internet, and it should not be confused with cyberbullying and cyber bullying.

Cybermobbing is a type of violence in the digital environment, implemented using electronic text (messages and comments).

Cyber bullying is causing harm to a person due to prolonged pressure in the Internet space: harassment, spreading rumors, intimidation.

Sometimes cyberbullying can go offline. Many bloggers and public figures face cyberstalking. This is a type of violence when subscribers track down influencers and begin to pursue them outside of social networks.

It is important to remember:

Cyberbullying is aggression.

Do not devalue the emotions of a person who has suffered violence on the Internet. People who are subject to bullying do not suffer for fun, and it can be not only psychological, but also physical pain.

Disabling the Internet and other sanctions will not help. It is best to show empathy and express support.

According to the study, 58% of Russian Internet users have experienced online aggression. One in four was the target of such behavior, and only 4% of respondents admit that they were the initiators of harassment.

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