What should I do if you have become a victim of cyberbullying?

Usually, the behavior of any aggressor is guided by envy, the desire to assert oneself, the desire to throw out negative emotions. Therefore, remember that any insults on the Internet are about the uncertainty of the offender, not about your shortcomings.

56% of aggressors remain dissatisfied with the result of harassment, as the victim does not react the way they would like. This suggests that the aggressor is primarily trying to bring the victim to emotions. Do not show them to the initiator. Ignore the person, or better yet, block him.

Do not forget that every social network is obliged to ensure the safety of users:

Please refer to the profile of the person who bullies you, explaining in detail the reason to the support service.

If you can’t handle cyberbullying on your own, be sure to tell someone close to you about it and (or) consult a psychologist.

If bullying crosses the boundaries, threatens your reputation, mental state or life, contact the police. It often seems to aggressors that it is possible to remain unpunished in the Internet space, but this is not so: the police are obliged to accept your application, even if the only thing you know about the offender is his nickname.