Suggestions for hacking “smart” cars appeared on the darknet


“The attackers began to offer services for computer hacking of cars. A new type of hacking of smart cars is actively gaining momentum in the shadow segment of the Internet. In the published ads, attackers offer remote hacking of a vehicle, theft of on-board computer data and removal of mechanical parts. The cost of the service varies from 45 to 100 thousand rubles, depending on the region,” the message says.

It is noted that carsharing cars can also be subject to hacking.

In total, experts of NTI “Autonet” found 12 such ads registered in December. Previously, their presence was not recorded in the darknet.

“A new type of service may be associated with an increased shortage of auto parts. Most likely, the target audience of such ads are not ordinary motorists, but owners of so—called garage car services that use stolen parts in their work,” the report says.

If the car is hacked, nothing may be stolen from it, but a malfunction will be found on the road. For example, the brakes will not work or there will be a loss of control.

Experts of NTI “Autonet” believe that in 2023 the number of hijackings and break-ins of vehicles will begin to grow actively. This may be due to the limitation of the possibility of buying new cars and the complexity of the delivery of components.